The works of Sakit Mamedov, being one of the prominent members of the art of Azerbaijan, are among the works that collectors want to get with pleasure in the world of museums, galleries, and the auctions. Craftsman is happy when his art gets a decent appreciation in his life. One need not to wish but get the happiness. In this sense, one can be the envy of the art of Sakit Mamedov. The question may be what is the reason of people’s such like of the artist's art by art lovers? Firstly, it should be noted that generally the creative people is accepted in different ways by those who knew his art. It is not coincidence that "the fate can be deleted by the sweat. Because the God appreciates the hard work, sweat" says Sakit Mammadov. "A true master should see the composition first in black and white and then in the colors" – says the master and we see theses thoughts of mater in compositions "Memory picture", "Game", "Training", "Fortune tellers", "Birthday", "Memories of Leningrad", "Long live Istanbul" "Holiday", "Wedding", "Metro", "Bus number 13", "Amateur" and so on. Looking at these works we may see how the craftsmanship is reflected in the indicator boards.

Those who are familiar with the work of Sakit Mamedov know that he often "dress" his heroes in clothes of his own imagination. We see the trend, which is familiar to us from in these pictures on clothes. Note that some of the artist's thematic paintings cannot be related to a particular thematic area. In these works the artist as if wants to show the epoch of his world. In one of his interviews Sakit Mammadov says: "How the man comes to the world? See a picture also is created in such a way. If any artist says that I have created the work by making the color on white linen, this idea is ridiculous. The composition requires a work of the brain. Man's birth, of course, is thought by God. The ear is the only human organ that takes the form in the mother's womb first. The God made it to transmit the information. The same situation is in the painting. In the composition whatever the artist first wants to see he works on it first ... ".- he said.

Although in thematic works of the artists who have the ability to observe the incident widely don’t show the thoughts of his characters, but it is clearly seen what they think. For example, in "Adam and Eve" work the purity, the purity of mankind was embodied in the people's faces with such high professionalism that it was impossible not to see the smile of the joy of the spectator paying the attention on it. In general, there are few people that "Adam and Eve" is not the subject of his interest or is not a subject of his discussion. Unlike the oral discussions, the creative people express their views on the subject in their art. The plot line is almost embodied the same in each artist's work. But when looked at Sakit Mammadov’s "Adam and Eve" his completely different approach to this issue is clearly seen. By showing the first inhabitants of the earth without the devil, leafless, without tree, the master takes out the subject from traditionalism and "dressed" it with new meaning by own idea. If we present the thoughts on the artist on the work, we believe that we would bring the light to the issue somewhat: "I wanted to describe Adam and Eve younger, unaware of the world, innocent characters, as a first love. Even if you pay attention I have described Adam and Eve without the belly, it also means that they were not born like other people. Or they say that every man gets his star in the sky, the sky is also described in the board, and I wanted to express the idea by drawing two stars". In the pictures of Eve theme we see that they use the warm colors opportunities in their works. Of course, the warm color is important factor to show the event described to make it look convincing. When to pay attention, we see that the artist tried to describe them in the color of soil, although not completely. It also comes from the fact that the artist wanted to show the concept of the creation of the man from soil just in a description of first humans.

A prominent Russian critic Andrei Bozhenov amazed from creates of artist and said "Sakit Mammadov's hand looks like a Renaissance artist's hands". Sakit Mamedov told about art: "The art of painting is a great art in my world. I think this is not the case of every human being to be engage with. Because this is the obvious art. I would say that this is the most difficult area of art where the audience here can see the color, the character and the feelings. This art is born as a man, lives the life. I liken the painting art to girl child. If someone buys the picture its fate is of my interest: which home it will be taken, what will wait for it?.

Many artists think that they ever lived. But one cannot say that their creation relates to some century. Artist should draw whatever he thinks. Imagine, God had created several million years the earth, man, but still he is search. After all, despite all men have eyes, nose, mouth, but they do not look like each other. At the same time there are similarities. Amazing, is not it? Some artists think that it is not possible to create something new since everything was drawn. Starting from artists of the Renaissance to the present day, they draw the man without leaving the frame. That's why he great geniality is to draw picture from characters you see everyday. A creative man that serves a real art has no concept of time.