Awards and honors

Honored artist of Azerbaijan
Officer's Cross of the Alliance of the Cavaliers - Knights of the International Maltese Order
Azerbaijani painters - man of the millennium
Medal Son of the Fatherland
Winners of the exhibition, which is carried out at the Museum of the Palace Dolmabachtsche
Big Golden Ritterstern
Winners Dede Gorgud
Academician of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts and the medal
Ordinary Member of the Academy of European natural sciences
Ordinary Member of the World Academy of Arts
Honorable Professor EANS
Senator Stern of the International Knights Alliance
Medal Emperor Alexander 1 for the merits
Medal Leonardo da Vinci
Professor of the German Academy
Mozart Medal
Medal of the World Academy of Arts
European Order of Glory
Reward Faith 2010
Gold Medal Italy
Order of Friendship
Medal of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts
Reward Faith 2014
Big Goldener Stern
Winners of the International exhibition "In the name of peace"
Winner of the 3rd International Festival of the Arts in Gabala